Choir with orchestra / instrumental ensembles

«The seven last words of Christ» (2013)

for choir, 2 string quartets, piano and double bass.
Recorded by Nordic Voices on the album “Fuge der Zeit” by AURORA.
Josef Weinberger, Frankfurt.

«Fuge der Zeit» (2010)

for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, string orchestra and organ.
Text from The Book of Ecclesiastes and poems by Paul Celan
Commissioned by The Gloger Music Festival. Premiered by Isa Katharina Gericke, soprano, Ivonne Fuchs, alto, Helge Rønning, tenor, Nils Erik Cooper, bass, Leo van Doeselaar, organ, Potsdamer Kammerakademie, Olof Boman, conductor. Kongsberg Church, 30. January 2011.
There is also a version for 6 voices, written for Nordic Voices. Featured on the album “Fuge der Zeit” by AURORA.
Josef Weinberger, Frankfurt.

«Te Deum” (2010)

for soprano, mezzo, choir, string quartet and organ.
Commissioned by Oslo International Church-music Festival. Premiered by The Norwegian Soloists Choir, Oslo String quartet, Grete Pedersen, conductor. Margareta Church, Oslo, 1.March, 2010.
NB Noter, Oslo

“Nidarosmesse” (2010)

for choir, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones. Commissioned by Nidaros Domkor. Urframført av Nidaros Domkor, dirigent Vivianne Sydnes, Nidarosdomen 2010.
Version for Choir and organ.
Kirkesangforlaget, Kristiansand.

“Ja, vi elsker dette landet!” (2008)

Cantata based on the national anthem of Norway. Text: Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. For soprano, alto, tenor, bass, choir and orchestra. Commissioned by Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra. Premiered by Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, Birgitte Christensen, soprano, Birte Myhrstad, alto, Helge Rønning, tenor, Håvard Stensvold bass, Kristiansand Donkor, Rolf Gupta, conductor. May 2008.
NB Noter, Oslo

“Skeive salmer” (2005)

Suite for choir, cello and piano. Text: Dag Blakkisrud.
Commissioned and premiered by Den Norske Homofonien, conducted by Hildegun Opstad Smørgrav.
Oslo University Hall, 24th November 2005.
NB Noter, Oslo

“Omriss” (2000)

for choir and string orchestra. Text: Liv Holtskog.
Commissioned and premiered by Telemark Chamber Orchestra, Nes Kantori, conducted by Lars Erik ter Jung.
Sauherad Church, 5th April 2000. Featured on the album «Nostos” by FABRA.
NB Noter, Oslo

”Lokkende toner” (1997)

For flute and 4 voices (SATB) Text: Johan Sebastian Welhaven
Premiered at The Norwegian Academy of Music, 19/1 2008, Ingela Øien, Siri Torjesen, Kristin Kjølberg, Ulf Øien, Paul Arlidge, dir: Gisle Kverndokk
NB Noter, Oslo

“Syng” (1987)

for children’s choir and piano. Text: Gudrun Brauti Knutslid.
Premiered at Ibsenhuset, Skien, 4/6 1987, Skien Music School’s Children’s Choir, conducted by Asta Schulerud.
NB Noter, Oslo